Recicember Day 30: Cheese, Pesto and Tomato Sandwich a la Starbucks

Starbucks! What are they good for?

Absolutely nothing!

No, wait, that’s war. Starbucks are good for coffee. And sandwiches. Toasted sandwiches, or grilled sammiches if you are reading in US English. I don’t understand how you grill things in a frying pan.

And what a selection of sandwiches Starbucks have! Let’s not forget they have the classic Marmite and cheese panini! Pro tip – if you try and make one at home, get a spoon of butter, and a half-spoon of Marmite, and mix it into a paste before spreading on the bread. Just like mama Starbucks used to make!

Anyway, here’s my twist on another Starbucks sandwich – the Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella Panini!

Let’s not get carried away…

Roasted tomato and mozzarella is a bit pretentious, so let’s scale it back a bit. We’re going for regular tomato. And proper sliced bread, not a panini. And we’re not using mozzarella – we’re using Emmental, a Swiss cheese. But that’s fine, because they speak Italian in Switzerland.

So, let’s fire up the George Formby¬†Foreman grill and get started!George Formby grillObtain two slices of bread. Chop a tomato into slices. Sling some green pesto on the bottom slice of bread. You can go quite close to the edge with it, as it doesn’t tend to leak.

Pesto spreading

Cover it with cheese. Neatly arrange the tomato on it.

Added tomato

Put the lid on, and place it in the grill. See? An actual grill!


Remove from grill once toasted, chuck it on a plate.


Slice diagonally for that professional look.


Enjoy with a cuppa…

Not Starbucks

And it’s just as good as Starbucks. Except, it’s made with different stuff. But at least the drinks are cheaper. And you can pick the music too. You can even add extra fillings if you want. Pesto and Marmite, anyone?

TL;DR: Toasted a grilled sandwich in a grill. Starbucks.

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