The Death of an Actor (BHP03)

Bentley Hill Players Book 3 – With Added Exploding Parrots

The Bentley Hill Players are back with a new show, The Death of an Actor. After meeting a real ghost in their previous production, which one of the Players will be making the ultimate sacrifice this time round?

Harry Blunt has his hands full with an electronic parrot that just won’t behave, Jim Butler can’t keep control, and Owen O’Donnell discovers that Tom McLean has set up a rival group to put on a show in direct competition with the Players.

Lillian Lovelace acquires a real parrot from the man up the road (who she thinks is a butcher, but everyone else knows is a drug dealer), and Chris Crumple can’t stop putting his foot in it with Sophie Patterson.

Everything goes as well as can be expected – until a cast member suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. Tom McLean is the prime suspect, and sets out to clear his own name, which ends up putting everyone in danger.

There’s chases, zombies, some romance, and little Emily starting a fight. Just another day in Bentley Hill…

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