The Murderous Musings Of Millicent Montgomery (A Fun Whodunnit)

Have you ever written anything you were too afraid to show anyone else? Millicent Montgomery has. Writing in her journal has become cathartic for her, but recording her frustrations about her life, her boyfriend, and her job is only the beginning.

Constantly overshadowed and bullied by her school “friend” Amelia LeBouef-Clark, Millicent works hard to help the less fortunate in the community around her. The arrival of a familiar stranger and the death of a family pet kickstart a series of events that ultimately leads to a murder investigation.

When someone comes knocking at Millicent’s door with questions she doesn’t want to answer, she finds herself with no choice but to help solve a murder and find out what really happened to her grandma all those years ago.

As the antagonistic Amelia’s life spirals out of control, Millicent discovers an inner peace – while it becomes apparent that someone is hell-bent on exacting revenge for past wrongs.

Millicent has to wonder just how far down the same path she is willing to travel.

A fun “whodunnit” from the author of “The Bentley Hill Players” series and “A Murder in Nether Bumble.”

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