Recicember Day 26: Boxing Day Gammon Cob

Gammon, or at least some variant of ham, seems to be a Christmas tradition in both the UK and the US. So after the large amount of food consumed on Christmas Day (that spills over to Boxing Day, the 26th of December), I think we’ll have a gammon cob for Recicember today.

You may not know what a cob is depending on where you’re from – it’s not even a word used in the whole of the UK.

It’s not anything to do with corn. You might know it as a roll, a bread roll, a bread bun, a barm, a bap, or something similar.

But how does one make a delicious gammon cob?


  1. Obtain delicious cob
  2. Slice delicious cob
  3. Spread delicious butter on delicious cob
  4. Slice delicious gammon
  5. Gently hurl sliced delicious gammon at sliced delicious cob
  6. Put delicious lid on delicious cob
  7. Push delicious gammon cob down your delicious throat

See? That was easy.

TL;DR: Put pig meat in a bun.

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