The Murderous Musings Of Millicent Montgomery (A Fun Whodunnit)

Have you ever written anything you were too afraid to show anyone else? Millicent Montgomery has. Writing in her journal has become cathartic for her, but recording her frustrations about her life, her boyfriend, and her job is only the beginning. Constantly overshadowed and bullied by her school “friend” Amelia LeBouef-Clark, Millicent works hard to … Read more

A Murder in Nether Bumble (Cozy Mystery)

Dan Paige was looking forward to a two-week holiday on a tropical beach until his car broke down on the way to the airport. He finds himself lost in the village of Nether Bumble, right in the middle of nowhere. When he’s discovered behind the pub in the middle of the night, holding a crowbar … Read more

The Crater of Bentley Hill (BHP05)

Bentley Hill Players Book 5 – Hole in the ground, big and sorta round… British amateur acting group The Bentley Hill Players are at a loss after their performance hall was destroyed by a bomb – so how are they going to put on another show? Jim Butler has an idea, and nothing is going … Read more