Recicember Day 31: Southern Biscuits with Chicken and Honey Butter

Plate of biscuits

It’s day 31 of the 30 day challenge! Well, if I’d picked a month with the right number of days in it, that would have worked out better. Anyway, for the final day, we’re having Southern biscuits! These are of course American-Southern biscuits, as opposed to digestives from Cornwall. They look a bit like scones, … Read more

Recicember Day 30: Cheese, Pesto and Tomato Sandwich a la Starbucks

Not Starbucks

Starbucks! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing! No, wait, that’s war. Starbucks are good for coffee. And sandwiches. Toasted sandwiches, or grilled sammiches if you are reading in US English. I don’t understand how you grill things in a frying pan. And what a selection of sandwiches Starbucks have! Let’s not forget they have … Read more