Recicember Day 27: Chocolate Peanut Balls

In this entry to the Recicember blog, I will be assisting (or being assisted by) The American. These things are like Reese’s peanut butter cups or something, but ball shaped. So Reese’s Balls, perhaps.

Right, American, what do we need?

One and a half cups of peanut butter, two cups of icing sugar, and half a cup of butter, to start with.

Unfortunately, nobody specified what size cup we should be using, or if we should use the same cup for each item. Oh well.

The ingredients were hurled into an electric mixer. In this lighting, the peanut butter looks…appetizing. Or something.

Honestly, peanut butter

And the icing sugar and butter looked like yellow snow.

Yellow snow

The lovely looking items were walloped around with a dough hook, mostly because I fancied a change. Final mixing was performed with a spoon.

Gloopy stuff

The resulting goopy thing was rolled into many little balls, and placed on a baking sheet covered with greaseproof paper. The sheet was then thrown swiftly into the freezer.


So more of a freezer sheet than a baking sheet.

After 10 or 15 mins, some chocolate chips were melted, and the balls were removed from the freezer and covered in the resulting molten cocoa.

Melted choc

Once the chocolate had set, the Reese’s balls were ready to consume. They don’t half clag your mouth up, but taste delicious.

Coated balls

Also, the dog is very interested in trying them.

TL;DR: Reese’s balls clag your mouth up. Now the dog wants a go.

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