Recicember 2021 Day 9: We’re Back On The Lemon, Boys!

Hello, my name is Adam and I have a problem. I have become addicted to the taste of lemon cakes. So this will be a quick one today as I have cakes to eat!

We’re off on the football cake recipe again, but this time, doubling it. 8oz flour, caster sugar, butter, and 4 eggs. Lob ’em in a bowl, and mixerate ’em.

Add in a couple of spoons of lemon juice, and mixerate until gloopy.

Insert 2 tablespoons of mix into each muffin case you have prepared (keep up!) and it should make between 12 and 16 cakes.

Bung ’em in the oven at 180C until GOLDEN BROWN. Not Gordon Brown.

Remove from oven, let ’em cool. Make some icing but use icing sugar and lemon juice rather than water. If you get carried away with the lemon juice, it goes too runny. Mine did. Still tastes awesome.

Finish it off by grating some lemon rind on top. CAKEALICIOUS!

TL;DR: Yeah me too. Eat the lemon cakes.