Recicember 2021 Day 8: Automatic Egg Products

A few weeks ago, Tracy and I were in ASDA, perusing the electrical aisle. She suddenly said, “An omelette maker! I’ve always wanted one of those!”

I replied, “We’ve got one, haven’t we? I used the frying pan the other day…”

Luckily, we’re still married, and I now understand the difference. It’s like a George Formby Lean Mean Wrecking Machine for eggs. You can make an omelette automatically, unless you’re American, when you might want to make an omelet instead. Or even an omlet if you can’t be bothered with all those “e” letters. Omlt. Mlt.

Anyway, as a person who likes the finer things in life, I decided to make a ham omelette. Here’s how it went.

Aside from 2 eggs, I’m using some high class tinned ham (it is Christmas, you know) and the butter I made the other day. Seem to have used some already!

So here’s the device itself:

I swear you could toast sandwiches in that. Odd-shaped sandwiches, I’ll grant you, but who wouldn’t want a circular sarnie? Isn’t that what the Teletubbies used to have?

Step one is to heat up the implement and slather it with butter or oil.

At this point, Tracy suggested I read the instructions. Ha! What do I need instructions for? I’m only making an omlut. Omelt. Melto.

Let’s throw the meat in (after chopping it in to chunks and not eating half of it, honest)…

I’m not sure if that was the correct procedure, but it needed to be done at some stage, so it may as well be now. Next, break two eggs and give ’em a quick whirl, pour them in and shut the lid!

Had I spent more time considering this, or reading the destructions, I may have decided to add some cheese. I didn’t, and I now regret this. However, it does work!

My next plan will be to make some very plain and empty omelettes for later use. I think this might work well with a McDonald’s-type bagel or breakfast muffin!

Anyway, finished product:

Tasted good, but could probably do with some cheese. Oh well.

TL;DR: Protein in a sandwich maker. Omelet with no cheese.