Poppy, our New Adorable Puppy!

Poppy is our new puppy and we are really excited to share her with you! We hope that she will be a wonderful addition to the family. She’s very playful, but also affectionate – just look at those big eyes! She’s a little older than many new puppies, and as this post is published, she’ll … Read more

Do I Write Funny Romantic Mystery Books?

Funny romantic mystery books are a popular choice for many readers, and most of my novels fall into this category – kind of! The romance is often a little lacking, but I always aim to inject humour and ensure that there’s a mystery right up to the very end. When you’re adding a book to … Read more

Why You Should Read “A Murder in Nether Bumble”

It’s been several years since “A Murder in Nether Bumble” came out, and you’re probably wondering where my next book is. To be blunt, it’s on the way! As you may know, MiNB was set in the same book-universe as my earlier works, the Bentley Hill Players series. It’s not the next installment, and can … Read more