Why You Should Read “A Murder in Nether Bumble”

It’s been several years since “A Murder in Nether Bumble” came out, and you’re probably wondering where my next book is. To be blunt, it’s on the way!

As you may know, MiNB was set in the same book-universe as my earlier works, the Bentley Hill Players series. It’s not the next installment, and can be read independently of the Bentley Hill books – however, there is a little crossover of characters and locations.

My next project is once again an independent novel, but still set in the same world…just a village or two further down the road. Once it is completed, I’ll be working on the next Nether Bumble novel, and another Bentley Hill story. Everything is planned out, the stories are in place, it’s just a matter of getting typing!

It was originally my plan to write Nether Bumble 2 next, but that got shelved due to my excitement at the new project. There will be many Bentley Hill faves appearing in NB2, and I can see a point in the future where all three strands – Bentley Hill, Nether Bumble, and the new book – join together in a single novel, but we’ll see how that goes!

So, anyway, here are five good reasons to read A Murder in Nether Bumble if you haven’t already:

Reason One: It’s a great mystery. I love to read mysteries, and in my unbiased opinion, this is one of the best cozy mysteries for sale right now! If it was ever made into a cozy mystery TV series, you’d want to watch it!

Reason Two: The characters are compelling. They’ve been drawn from my own life, but they’re not me in disguise – they have their own lives and personalities which might be very different to mine or yours. Or, if you’re particularly unfortunate, they might be very similar. You’ll find that you can relate to them even if your backgrounds couldn’t be more different…or that they lead you places that make you think about things differently.

Reason Three: There’s plenty of twists and turns in store! Murder stories need twists and turns or we would all see who did it before page 20 (and believe me, the clues are there). A modern cozy mystery can be simple or complex, but it should certainly keep you wondering right up to the end.

Reason Four: It’s summer (he types as the rain begins outside – British cozy mystery novels may often be set under a dark sky…) and everyone needs a good summer read. It’s the right length to read on those quiet sunny afternoons, not too short to be worthless, not too long to drag on.

Reason Five: It’s fast-paced and fun! I don’t know what that means for you but when I write something with those qualities in mind, it can end up leaving you out of breath by the end. Please don’t forget to breathe even if you find it to be one of the funniest cozy mysteries you’ve read.

Reason Seven: There was no reason six. And I said there would only be five, so why are you even reading this one?

Remember, this is a silly story full of silly people. It’s not gritty, it’s not hard-boiled, it’s not remotely realistic. It’s fantasy, it’s fun, and quite daft. If you like death, destruction, and despair, you probably need to look elsewhere.

That said, I hope you’ll want to pick up my novel “A Murder In Nether Bumble” and I hope you’re looking forward to what comes next…more details soon!

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