The Crater of Bentley Hill (BHP05)

Bentley Hill Players Book 5 – Hole in the ground, big and sorta round… British amateur acting group The Bentley Hill Players are at a loss after their performance hall was destroyed by a bomb – so how are they going to put on another show? Jim Butler has an idea, and nothing is going … Read more

The Lady Dances (BHP04)

Bentley Hill Players Book 4 – …A Love Story British amateur theatre group The Bentley Hill Players are back with another new show, The Lady Dances (A Love Story) – and this time they are working with the Blackworth Amateur Theatre Stars and Tom McLean. It’s all going well until a protest is staged, and … Read more

The Death of an Actor (BHP03)

Bentley Hill Players Book 3 – With Added Exploding Parrots The Bentley Hill Players are back with a new show, The Death of an Actor. After meeting a real ghost in their previous production, which one of the Players will be making the ultimate sacrifice this time round? Harry Blunt has his hands full with … Read more