Who Can Write a Book?

Who can write a book? Anybody with the time and inclination will have the capability to write a book. It might be a novel, a guide to a place or how to develop a skill, or perhaps a book for children.

There are only two obstacles in the way of anyone who wants to write a book – getting started, and getting finished.

Getting Started

The first step of the process is to have the flash of inspiration (or to do the research) to determine the topic or storyline of your book. This can be the simple part, as ideas can come thick and fast once you start to think about it.

Getting started is the actual process of beginning to write. It’s getting the first words down on the page, whether it’s pen on paper or using a program on a PC. Before the first word, it’s just an idea, and that’s all it is, and maybe all it will ever be. Once the first word is committed to paper/screen, you’ve crossed the threshold and become a writer.

There are many things that hold people back from taking this first step. A major factor can be a lack of belief in yourself, constantly questioning yourself, wondering if it will be good enough, wondering if people will care.

It won’t be perfect, that’s for certain – but it will never have the chance to be perfect unless you allow yourself to start somewhere. You can go back, edit, tweak, rewrite, polish it up, make it golden – but you can’t do that unless you start.

It’s a psychological barrier you must break through, but once you’ve done it, it will become easier the next time. Because next time, you’ll know that you can go back and change what you’ve written.

Getting Finished

Once you’ve started, the next issue is getting finished. You need to get to the end of your manuscript, one way or another. You may find that ending to your novel won’t work, but that’s OK – you can change that too.

You need to make the commitment to make progress every day, even if it is just a sentence. You must get to the finish line, and then you can review your performance from there. This step will never come if you don’t get to the finish line at all!

It may take days, years, or months to get there, but you must put the effort in.

Who should write a book?

Rather than asking who can write a book, you may be more concerned about who should write a book. Anybody and everybody should give it a try just so they can see what is needed to get started, and what is needed to finish.

It isn’t just people with knowledge, anybody can write a book, as long as they have something to say or something to share. Who should write a book? You!

If you don’t have something to say, find something. Find a cause, solve a problem, talk about your life. Make it matter and make a difference.

Or write a novel about a group of amateur actors, whatever floats your boat.

Can I write a book?

I think everyone has a story inside of them that they could tell the world. So yes, you can write a book. Find your story, get prepared, get started…and get finished. Write your book in any way you choose, just make sure you write it!