Is Writing a Book Worth It?

One of the biggest questions any aspiring author may ask is simply “is writing a book worth it?” – and the answer is different for everyone.

In fact, there can be several answers to this question, depending on what “worth” means to you.

Is writing a book worth it for the effort needed?

In short, this still depends on your definition of “worth” – and how much effort you put in! There are many different kinds of book you could write, from novels to children’s stories, from factual how-to books to your own life story.

Different kinds of book will require different types of effort. For example, writing your life story may need a lot of thinking, trying to recall how events played out. A story for children may need a lot of imagination and a particular way of writing – and possibly some pictures too.

Both of these book types are different to the factual how-to book, whether that is a book on how to meditate or run a marathon. Research and good quality content take both time and effort.

Is writing a book worth it for the fame?

Writing a book can certainly get your name out there, and you can add it to your list of accomplishments, but don’t expect to get stopped in the street. Book writing is not a fast-track ticket to stardom.

Consider some of the most famous authors in the world – can you picture what more than two or three of them look like? In fact, many authors hide behind a pseudonym, and the person you think is the author doesn’t even exist!

You might see your name (or pseudonym) in the best-seller lists, and you might see your books online or at a bookstore, but that’s as far as it goes. It is quite easy to live a life as a successful author and yet still fly under the radar.

However, if you have the ability to get your name out there by other means, such as using social media to your advantage, writing a book will give you a great platform to reach others and talk about things that really matter.

Is writing a book worth it for the money you make?

This will depend on how successful your book (or pitch) is. A traditional publishing company may offer you an advance before your book is printed, or in some cases, before it is even written. If you self-publish digitally, you’ll only receive a commission, whether it is an e-book or a paperback. If you self-publish through a printing company, you’ll need to pay up-front to get your books printed.

With some good marketing and a clear plan, you can potentially sell hundreds or thousands of books, but you must be committed to make it work. If your heart isn’t into it and you can’t be bothered with marketing, you’ll only receive a fraction of what you could have made with a good marketing plan.

Writing a book is not just about capturing an idea and getting it down on paper or through a keyboard, it’s the process of producing the book and getting it into the hands of readers.

Of course, that may not be your ultimate aim, and you might want to write a book simply for your own benefit.

Is writing a book worth it for your own satisfaction?

If your goal is to write a book, then yes. If you want to leave something behind for your family to read and enjoy, then yes. Most people have a story inside of them that they want to tell, so writing a novel is a great choice, even if you don’t think it will be widely popular.

The satisfaction you will feel from completing your manuscript is immense and will often make you want to start writing something else immediately. It is an achievement, something to be applauded, and not everyone can do it.

Many people start to write a book, but most won’t make it through to the end.

Is writing a book worth it?

Is writing a book worth it?

Writing a book is worth it if you complete the task, if only for the sense of achievement. You might not write the best book ever, and you may not become a millionaire from the sales of your book, but you will have a great time writing.

And that’s the key. It’s only worth it if you enjoy the process and see it through to the end. If you’re writing a novel, make sure you start with the end in mind and plan your way to the finish line. When you’re writing a factual book, do your research properly and learn everything you can about your subject matter.

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