Are You Publishing Short Stories on Kindle?

You might be wondering, can you make money publishing on Kindle? The answer is YES, but it can take some time to build up your fan base. Keeping that in mind, there are a lot of benefits to publishing short stories on Kindle.

To begin with, publishing short stories on Kindle can help to introduce people to your work. Someone might not be ready to commit to reading a full-length novel, but a short story can fill a small gap in their schedule – and if it’s priced low enough, nobody will object to paying for it.

In fact, there may be a certain economy of scale in publishing a short story at a low price. You may get many more downloads than a longer/more expensive book, thereby increasing your profit. Can you make money publishing on Kindle? Yes!

Individual short stories can get you in front of people who might be interested in your longer work, and with a compelling story that is well-written, they’ll be hungry for more.

Does it have to be an individual story?

If you want to promote your work, then an individual story works well. It can be a prequel that leads into a longer story, or something entirely separate.

However, there is another way of publishing short stories on Kindle – the collection. Many writers are full of ideas, and producing a collection of short stories can be easier than focusing on writing a single longer book.  You can also have a collection of short stories to satisfy readers who want different lengths, genres, and themes.

You can publish your own work on Kindle, and the content is your choice. If you want to mix up sci-fi with historical fiction, or a horror story next to a love story, you can do it.

Publishing short stories on Kindle can be a liberating experience as you can get all that creativity out in one shot. Those stories may have been rattling around in your brain for a long time, and you can release them to the world, giving space in your head to work on something else.

Getting lost in the crowd

Publish short stories whenever you can either in collections or as individual stories. This can help get your work out to readers and move those books off the virtual shelf as well – and you want people to be able to know that even if they can’t afford all of your novels at once, they can still enjoy one story at a time.

The longer your book is, the longer it will take to read. If you’re a famous author, then it matters less – people will buy your books anyway. For less well-known authors, the short story can be the gift that keeps giving. People buy one, enjoy it, and move on to the next.

Can you make money publishing on Kindle? Yes, you just need to get your name out there, and there’s no better way than through short stories.