A Career in Content Writing

Many people dream of a career in content writing, and it is certainly achievable – if you are dedicated to it! Something most people overlook is what it actually involves.

There are blogs and websites all over the internet saying that content writing is a great way to get started freelancing, running your own business, even building passive income. It’s nothing like that!

When you have a regular job, you’ll get paid by the hour, and you’re effectively trading time for money. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, and your only limitation is the number of hours in a day. At no stage (overtime and commission rates excluded) can you make more than 24x your hourly rate in a single day.

Freelancing writing jobs are similar. You may have a total amount to be paid for a certain project, or you may get paid per 100 words or per hour – whatever you do, you still have to put the work in to get paid. You’re trading time for money, potentially at a much better rate, but it isn’t passive income.

You may make more than a regular job, you may make less, you may work more hours, you may work fewer. The ideal is one job that takes a week and pays you for the month, meaning you can pick and choose what to do. The only problem is when the next job doesn’t come along…

Freelance writing jobs online for beginners can be found in plenty of places. You can try your luck on Fiverr or Upwork, sign up at People Per Hour, or build your own website/social media empire to sell your wares from.

Are you wondering how to get content writing projects? Get started on freelancing sites like Fiverr, set your gig up well, and paid freelance writing jobs could soon be coming your way. It can become easier as you are established and have a portfolio to show, but in the beginning you may have to write a lot of samples to show what you can do – and don’t be afraid to tweak your prices until you get the first order.

If you have built a following prior to beginning, it can be easier, but only if your following has a relevant interest. If you’re known for gaming on Twitch or YouTube, you may only get writing projects for specialist niche interests, such as magazine interviews.

It’s all about building a brand, creating an empire…it doesn’t have to be 9 to 5, but never count on freelance writing to create a passive income.

You may think the above sounds challenging, and there are alternatives. You can try to get a job with a writing agency, but that can be easier said than done. Alternatively, why not write a book? It can provide an income, and once the writing is finished, the income is as close to passive as you can get.

Building a career in content writing is certainly possible, but it’s also a lot more work than you might imagine.