Challenge Yourself Every Day

Becoming the best version of yourself is no easy task. You might take a look at yourself and decide a million things need changing, or maybe just a few things need changing. In either case, there will be a few sticking points that you struggle to get past.

The simplest way to break through these issues is to hack away at them a little at a time. For example, if you find that you overeat, what is going to be easier? Eating a little less every week, or cutting down immediately to one small meal a day?

The fact is, however old you are, it has taken that many years to get to where you are. You can’t change 15, 20, 30, or 40 years of conditioning in just 30 seconds.

Sure, you can make a decision to change. You can overcome fears quickly given the right prompts. But ingrained habits will take a little longer.

Here’s our list of challenges for a day that you can try. See if you can improve your life and make yourself a better person.

  • Spend a whole day without complaining. About ANYTHING.
  • Hold doors open for other people
  • Say ‘hello’ to everyone you meet. People are nicer than you think.
  • Ignore the news. See how much happier you feel.
  • Don’t snack between meals.
  • If you smoke, cut it out for one day – or at the very least, cut it in half
  • If you drink alcohol regularly, don’t. For just one day.
  • Learn a new word. Use it in conversation.
  • When someone asks you how you are today, tell them you’re fantastic. And tell them you hope they are too.
  • Walk instead of driving or using public transport.
  • Ditch the digital device. When you are with people, BE with them, don’t be caught up in your own little digital world.
  • Practice catching negative thinking. Every time you have a bad thought, try and catch it, and throw it away. Eventually, turn this into positive thoughts all the time!
  • Do a single push up once an hour, every hour (while you are awake obviously!)
  • Don’t watch TV
  • Don’t lie. Be honest with everyone.
  • Only eat vegetables
  • Only eat raw food (make sure it’s safe to eat – eg fruit, veg, cheese, etc. No raw chicken!)
  • Clear out your wardrobe and donate the things you don’t need and don’t wear.
  • Stay off social media. Kanye and Kim will still do whatever they are doing whether you are watching them or not.
  • Make all your own meals.
  • Smile. All the time. Until people think you’re crazy. That’s how much you need to smile.

Build new habits

Once you’ve tried a challenge for a day, don’t just stop. Try it again the following week. And then twice the week after that. As you gradually build up, you’ll find that your ‘new’ habits become your ‘true’ habits, and you’ll start to wonder how you lived the way you used to.

Do you have any challenges you’d like to try?