Recicember Day 21: Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fondant Cake

It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine! Ha! How we nearly laughed at that one. Well, it just so happens that this chocolate orange is mine as I bought it in a shop. The recipe is from GoodToKnow, so we won’t say any more about that.

Except they do seem to have an obsession with Peter Andre.

I wonder if he likes chocolate oranges? They sometimes sell them at Iceland, and I’ve seen him in there on telly, so chances are, he does like chocolate oranges.

Unfortunately, we’re about to kill one.

Burn it with fire!

So here’s the thing. You chuck everything in a bowl and mix it up.

Lob it in

That’s it. No messing about, no faffing.


The difficult part is finding a pudding basin to cook it in. The shops seem devoid of them at the moment. I don’t imagine there’s been a sudden rush, as I don’t think most people are going to be making their own Christmas puddings or anything. There’s not even a space on the shelves where pudding basins should be – it’s like an entire generation have decided, “No! We shall have no puddings!”


I had to borrow a pudding basin, which I lined with buttered greasproof paper. Half the mix is added to the basin, and then the chocolate orange is plonked in the middle.

Plonk the orange in the middle

The rest of the mix is added, covering the orange over.


Then it’s just a matter of lobbing it in the oven for just under an hour.

Tick tock goes the clock

It’s not quite as pudding shaped as I hoped it would be, so maybe next time I’ll have to try a slightly smaller bowl.


It does taste very nice though – kind of like a chocolate orange brownie. An orangie?

Gloopy orange

Maybe I’ll try a pudding again tomorrow.

TL;DR: Lob it in, mix it up, turn on, tune in, orangie.

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