Recicember Day 12: Almost Paleo Honey Coconut Chicken

So many cakes and cookies…it’s time for something a bit more healthy!

I came up with this concoction almost by accident, after reading through many Paleo recipe sites and deciding that I still liked rice. With a pressing need to go shopping, all I had in to cook with was some chicken, a pepper, an onion and some rice. With a bit of seasoning, some honey and some coconut oil, I was ready to go.

When cooked, the coconut oil is liquid, and will drain down onto a bed of rice along with the honey giving extra flavour to the rice itself. It’s a bit like eating in a Thai restaurant, but sat at home and without the actual experience of visiting a Thai restaurant. So it has that going for it, at least.

So whatcha gonna need?

Green pepper and onion


  • Chicken breast – about 200g will do for two people
  • Bell pepper – halfish of one per person. Green looks nice, other colours are also suitable
  • Onion – a medium onion is more than enough for two people
  • Coconut oil – one to one and a half tablespoon per person
  • Honey – a tablespoon per person
  • Rice – white, brown, pilau, egg fried, the choice is yours. A dry handful per person works for me, but I have quite large hands.
  • Obligatory salt, black pepper, and garlic powder
  • Maybe a bit of butter for cooking the chicken with

Whack it together

  1. Chop the chicken into bite size chunks
  2. Lob either a bit of coconut oil or some butter in a wok or large frying pan over a medium heat
  3. Hurl in the chicken and onion, and cook em both. Don’t stir too much, as the cooking happens mostly when the food is still. But don’t leave it to burn!
  4. While it’s cooking, bang the rice into a pan and cook it, unless it’s microwave rice, in which case chuck it at the microwave – but you might want to wait a bit, because it normally only takes two minutes. If you’re using brown rice, you should have started cooking it about an hour ago. You know how long brown rice takes.
  5. Chop the onion into smallish bits
  6. Chop the pepper into nice short strips
  7. When the chicken is about halfway cooked, throw in the pepper and onion, maybe with a bit more butter
  8. Season the whole thing with black pepper, salt and garlic
  9. When the rice is cooked, dump it in a pile on a plate or in a bowl
  10. Turn down the heat and splat the coconut oil in with the chicken, and then stir it through until it’s all melted.
  11. Lob on the honey, and as it liquifies, spread it around a bit
  12. If you’re on microwave rice, this is your cue to press the start button.
  13. Spoon the chicken on top of the rice
  14. Pour any liquid left in the bottom of the wok over the top
  15. Shove it in your face hole

Honey coconut chicken recipe

See! A healthy recipe! Coconut oil is good for you (allegedly)! Worst thing nutrition-wise in this is the rice, and the strict paleo folk won’t like it…but it’s certainly better than chips, so the choice is yours.

Coconut oil and honey

Also, the coconut oil doesn’t get heated up too much, which is good as it doesn’t break down all the enzymes and goodness in it.

A proper recipe on Recicember. Who’d a thunk it?

Coconut honey chicken on rice

TL;DR: Chicken and coconut on rice. Tastes exotic. Looks pretty.

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