Recicember 2021 Day 04 – BUTTER!

Don’t you hate it when you buy double cream with the intention of having some really nice coffee, but then leave it open in the fridge for ages? No? Just me?

It ends up looking like this…

Which is pretty gross when you pour it in coffee. So…let’s turn it into butter!

Lob it in a bowl, and start the electronic mixerator. Low speed is fine to start, but if it starts to struggle, crank it up a notch.

Soon, it will start to thicken even more than it already had in the fridge, and you’ll see pretty waves in it…

Next, you’ll hit the “whipped cream stage” and then the “looks-like scrambled egg” stage…

Keep going! Eventually, it will start to separate into butter and buttermilk. You may find it easier to use a smaller receptacle to mix now, and you’ll want to try and minimize splashback.

Pour off the buttermilk as you go along, and try to get it as dry as possible.

Finally, add some salt, give it a final mix and store it in a tub, probably in the fridge. The salt should help preserve it, but you’ll still have buttermilk lurking, so bacteria could grow. Don’t risk food poisoning over Christmas!

Enjoy your freshly created homemade butter!

TL;DR: Forgot to drink coffee, ended up with butter. Win/win.