Recicember Day 11: Save a Fortune on Taco Seasoning

Mexican food! It’s simple, delicious, and spicy! And more to the point, the spice comes at a price…even if you’re making it at home. I’m sure you all know at least one purveyor of fine Mexican (style) food. They probably sell hard tacos, soft tacos (or tortilla wraps), salsa, guacamole style sauce (is that like Gangnam style?), and so on. […]

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Recicember Day 7: Churros (Martha Stewart recipe)

Martha Stewart Churros made whilst burning my hand and definitely not donkeys.

Martha Stewart, eh? I’ve heard of you. You’re an American cooking woman who did a naughty thing with insider trading or something. Does that make your recipes better than your normal non-insider-trading recipe writers? Let’s see what your churros are like and find out! Now, churros – what are they? Donkeys. They are Spanish donkeys. As in the phrase “Mi […]

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