Recicember Day 31: Southern Biscuits with Chicken and Honey Butter

Plate of biscuits

It’s day 31 of the 30 day challenge! Well, if I’d picked a month with the right number of days in it, that would have worked out better. Anyway, for the final day, we’re having Southern biscuits! These are of course American-Southern biscuits, as opposed to digestives from Cornwall. They look a bit like scones, have a similar texture, but […]

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Recicember Day 12: Almost Paleo Honey Coconut Chicken

So many cakes and cookies…it’s time for something a bit more┬áhealthy! I came up with this concoction almost by accident, after reading through many Paleo recipe sites and deciding that I still liked rice. With a pressing need to go shopping, all I had in to cook with was some chicken, a pepper, an onion and some rice. With a […]

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