Recicember Day 29: Basic Waffles in a Christmas Present!


What do you get the highly attractive man who has everything? Well, according to my son, a combination treat maker that makes waffles! It looks like a mini George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine, but it’s red. Oh, and you can’t grill things in it. But you can make mini-doughnuts, cake pops, and…waffles! And I am tremendously good looking. So […]

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Recicember Day 14: Beignets

I don’t do special requests, but when I do, they tend to be complicated. So by special request, here are French Quarter Beignets! And where is today’s recipe from? Paula Deen, of course. Who is Paula Deen? I have absolutely no idea. According to Wikipedia, she’s an American celebrity chef. So maybe she’s like Jamie Oliver in a wig with […]

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Recicember Day 7: Churros (Martha Stewart recipe)

Martha Stewart Churros made whilst burning my hand and definitely not donkeys.

Martha Stewart, eh? I’ve heard of you. You’re an American cooking woman who did a naughty thing with insider trading or something. Does that make your recipes better than your normal non-insider-trading recipe writers? Let’s see what your churros are like and find out! Now, churros – what are they? Donkeys. They are Spanish donkeys. As in the phrase “Mi […]

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