Recicember Day 16: Mini Christmas Cakes!


Happy Mini Christmas! No, wait, got that wrong. It’s normal-sized Christmas, but the cakes are tiny! Or perhaps we’re all giants. We may never know. Today’s Recicember recipe is from GoodToKnow, which is one of those websites “for women” that has recipes, family life tips, and the ability to get outraged by P!nk drinking a cup of coffee. Also, thanks, […]

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Recicember Day 5: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet cake is quite delicious, but I can honestly say I’ve only made one once before, ever. This second attempt uses an entirely different recipe because I can’t remember where I found the first one. Oh, and I’ll be making them into cupcakes too. So who is the lucky recipe writer today? None other than your favourite Turkey Twizzler, […]

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