Recicember Day 22: Maltesers Christmas Pudding


We are back in the land of GoodToKnow yet again, but with good reason. It’s a chocolate pudding, with buttercream, Maltesers, melted white chocolate, and glacĂ© (candied) cherries! A veritable cornucopia of stodgy sickness-inducing ingredients all wrapped up in a massive chunk of sweetness! At least they don’t recommend you serve it with cream! Oh, no, wait. Yes they do. […]

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Recicember Day 20: Nigella’s Chocolate Yule Log

Chocolate Yule Log

It’s a Christmas recipe again for Recicember! Who doesn’t love chocolate yule log? People who don’t like chocolate, that’s who. The recipe is from Nigella Lawson, and certainly doesn’t start well – “I know the recipe looks finicky”…I wonder how this is going to turn out… I’m certainly not keen on mucking about. I can see this is going to […]

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Recicember Day 16: Mini Christmas Cakes!


Happy Mini Christmas! No, wait, got that wrong. It’s normal-sized Christmas, but the cakes are tiny! Or perhaps we’re all giants. We may never know. Today’s Recicember recipe is from GoodToKnow, which is one of those websites “for women” that has recipes, family life tips, and the ability to get outraged by P!nk drinking a cup of coffee. Also, thanks, […]

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Recicember Day 1: Chocolate Roulade

Let’s start off with something that you’d normally have for dessert – any arguments? No? Good. Day 1 of #recicember (I’m going to make this a thing) features a recipe from Mary Berry, and doesn’t involve any flour. The original recipe can be found here. Things we have to consider before starting – the recipe claims that it will feed […]

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