In November 2016 I decided that I didn’t have enough to do in the run-up to Christmas, and so set myself a challenge. Each day in December I would make something edible. It could be simple and straightforward (eg a sandwich) or rather more involved (eg a Malteser cake).

With the inclusion of Christmas day, this became a 31 day challenge, and to be frank, was completely ridiculous. Therefore, I thought other people might like to give it a go!

Based on the original Recicember 2016 recipe list, and by missing out Christmas Day, I’ve put together a prompt list for a 30-Day Recicember┬áChallenge. You can start at any time – it doesn’t have to be December – and make something edible every day. There’s recipe suggestions, scathing commentary, disasters, and odd photos in store…this isn’t your usual recipe site. In fact, it’s not even a recipe site…it’s my personal blog. Hi, I’m Adam. I write books and complain about things online.

Sign up to the newsletter below, check out the prompt list, and get making! And don’t forget to tag it all with #recicember…I want to be impressed!

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Recicember Prompt List


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