Recicember Day 19: The Great British Eggnog Off

Eggnog twice over

It’s less than a week until Christmas, so the celebrations should now be in full swing. I’ve done Christmas cakes, chocolate salty balls, and probably some other Christmas related stuff, but do you know what I haven’t done? If you’ve read the page title you will. Eggnog! Eggnog, or egg nog? The debate rages. Can one have nog on its […]

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Recicember Day 17: Mince Pie Tart

Christmas and pies go together like…erm…Easter and bonnets? So why not turn the pie into a tart and be done with the whole thing? Today’s Recicember is ridiculously simple. Well, for me at least. There are two ingredients. A pastry case, and some mincemeat. If you recall, the premise of Recicember is that I post pictures of food I have […]

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Recicember Day 16: Mini Christmas Cakes!


Happy Mini Christmas! No, wait, got that wrong. It’s normal-sized Christmas, but the cakes are tiny! Or perhaps we’re all giants. We may never know. Today’s Recicember recipe is from GoodToKnow, which is one of those websites “for women” that has recipes, family life tips, and the ability to get outraged by P!nk drinking a cup of coffee. Also, thanks, […]

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Recicember Day 14: Beignets

I don’t do special requests, but when I do, they tend to be complicated. So by special request, here are French Quarter Beignets! And where is today’s recipe from? Paula Deen, of course. Who is Paula Deen? I have absolutely no idea. According to Wikipedia, she’s an American celebrity chef. So maybe she’s like Jamie Oliver in a wig with […]

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