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A Murder in Nether Bumble

A Murder in Nether Bumble
is a cosy mystery (or
cozy mystery if you spell in American) set in the same area as the Bentley Hill Players stories. It is a standalone story and does not need to be read in conjunction with the Bentley Hill books.

Dan Paige was looking forward to a two-week holiday on a tropical beach until his car broke down on the way to the airport. He finds himself lost in the village of Nether Bumble, right in the middle of nowhere. When he’s discovered behind the pub in the middle of the night, holding a crowbar with blood all over his hands, the villagers quite rightly treat the new arrival with suspicion. And then they discover the local vicar has been murdered.
A Murder in Nether Bumble
As Dan tries to prove his innocence, the police insist he can’t leave the village and confiscate his car. He’s further hindered by the vicar’s wife, her gardener, and a woman who won’t take no for an answer. Dan’s hopes of relaxing in the sun quickly fade away, but there might be a silver lining in the form of the pub landlord’s daughter. Unless, of course, she’s actually the murderer.

Set in a typical English village and the surrounding countryside, this good-natured mystery will delight with its entertaining cast of humorous characters.

A Murder in Nether Bumble will be available on Kindle and in paperback from March 28th 2017.

Get it on Amazon UK: Buy now

Get it on Amazon UK: Buy now

The Crater of Bentley Hill

05craterBritish amateur acting group The Bentley Hill Players are at a loss after their performance hall was destroyed by a bomb – so how are they going to put on another show?

Jim Butler has an idea, and nothing is going to stop him. He’s going to raise the funds to rebuild the hall, even if it annoys his wife. Owen O’Donnell is planning world domination, and a new friend moves in up the road from Lillian Lovelace (and it may or may not be a man, depending on who you ask). Chris and Sophie are not getting along as well as they could, and Zoe is making things worse. Harry Blunt is still in London with his girlfriend, Eleanor, and everyone misses him.

There’s a gangster or two, a Home for the Tragically Confused, several hundred voles, a spooky encounter at Edwinstown Abbey, loaf squeezing, Gavin Foxton doing interviews, and Emily finds out some very interesting things about her family.

Will the hall get rebuilt? Will Owen take over the world? Will Chris make the right choice? Will Harry ever be seen again? Would you squeeze a loaf? And how will The Players deal with an American TV producer and having a gun waved in their general direction?

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The Lady Dances

04dancesA Love Story

British amateur theatre group The Bentley Hill Players are back with another new show, The Lady Dances (A Love Story) – and this time they are working with the Blackworth Amateur Theatre Stars and Tom McLean.

It’s all going well until a protest is staged, and Jim Butler has to convince the council not to stop the show.

Matters are complicated by a missing person and the reappearance of the Cohen family, who are out for revenge after Anthony Zimbabwe Cohen was locked up for his crimes in The Death of an Actor.

Harry Blunt becomes besotted with a new arrival, and Christopher Crumple gets trapped in a love triangle due to his unfortunate habit of rescuing Zoe McLean from certain death.

The Players interrupt a BBC TV show, and manage to get everything ready for the show just in time. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Until it all goes wrong, and the life of everyone involved with the show is threatened…how are they going to dance their way out of this one?

There’s villains, romance, danger, and little Emily starting quite a few fights. Just another day in Bentley Hill…

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The Death of an Actor

03deathWith Added Exploding Parrots

The Bentley Hill Players are back with a new show, The Death of an Actor. After meeting a real ghost in their previous production, which one of the Players will be making the ultimate sacrifice this time round?

Harry Blunt has his hands full with an electronic parrot that just won’t behave, Jim Butler can’t keep control, and Owen O’Donnell discovers that Tom McLean has set up a rival group to put on a show in direct competition with the Players.

Lillian Lovelace acquires a real parrot from the man up the road (who she thinks is a butcher, but everyone else knows is a drug dealer), and Chris Crumple can’t stop putting his foot in it with Sophie Patterson.

Everything goes as well as can be expected – until a cast member suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. Tom McLean is the prime suspect, and sets out to clear his own name, which ends up putting everyone in danger.

There’s chases, zombies, some romance, and little Emily starting a fight. Just another day in Bentley Hill…

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Christmas at Butler Farm

02christmasA Short Story For Christmas

When British amateur theatre group The Bentley Hill Players put on a show directed by Jim Butler, Jim’s estranged brother Ted comes to see it. And suddenly, the past is forgotten, all is forgiven, and it looks like a merry Christmas will be had by all.

Ted invites all the Players to come and spend Christmas Day on his farm. Christopher Crumple wants Christmas on the farm to be perfect for his girlfriend, Sophie, as he has romance in mind. Meanwhile, Owen O’Donnell just wants a canvas bag big enough to fit two bowling balls in. Because, you know, stuff.

But as things go wrong one by one, Christopher starts to think fate is conspiring against him, and even the contents of Owen’s bag can’t save him.

A short story detailing the madcap adventures of a group of acting misfits who should never spend Christmas together again. Because Christopher would feel safer that way.

Featuring the characters and continuing the story that began in “The Ghost Under The Stairs”.

Buy it on Amazon here: Christmas at Butler Farm

The Ghost Under The Stairs

01ghostMeet The Players

When an amateur acting group put on a show about a haunting, they aren’t prepared for the chaos an actual ghost in the show might cause!

The problems mount up for The Bentley Hill Players, as their cash-flow situation is not good, meaning they might not be able to buy the costumes and build the set – or to hire the hall to perform in!

Local businessman Tom McLean is dead set on selling the hall and having it demolished, but to complicate matters, Tom’s daughter Zoe is one of the leads in the show. Not to mention there are stories that are circulating about a ghost in the hall who keeps trying to get people to look in the toilets.

The show must go on, but with a looming demolition and a bathroom-obsessed spook on the scene, will there be anyone brave enough to perform?

Buy it on Amazon here: The Ghost Under The Stairs